Restrictions On What You Can Throw In A Rented Dumpster In Toledo

roll-off-servicesWhile going about your business, clearing out old stuff you may deem as being garbage, there are several things you need to take note in the use of ten yard dumpsters in Toledo. Below are a few of the things under no circumstances are you allowed to throw into such a dumpster.

Old Gas Cylinders

affordable-dumpstersAt the top of the list of some of the things you are not allowed to throw into your Toledo dumpster are old gas cylinders. You see these cylinders pose great health risks as they may still contain some gas in them.

Harmful Chemical And Liquids

roll-off-containerUnder no circumstances are you allowed to get rid of any unwanted chemical or liquids by throwing them into these dumpsters. There is no need of reminding you that these chemicals pose health risks to anyone who may come into them and handles them with due care.


roll-off-services-in-toledoCement can be a really destructive material when improperly used, leave alone disposed off the right way. You should never dispose off any concrete of any sort as there is the probability of this concrete solidifying in the dumpster, thereby reducing the maximum volume of the dumpster by occupying space.


roll-off-dumpstersAs a client, you are also not allowed to dispose off your batteries through dumpsters which you have let out. These batteries contain sulfuric acid which is corrosive in nature, as such; you need to look for other alternatives of getting rid of your batteries.

Lastly, you are also not permitted to dispose of any paint jars in these dumpsters. For further details on what you are not allowed or are allowed to dispose off, it is always crucial that you come to a firm understanding with the dumpster company way before signing up for their services. This will ensure that you have a healthy relationship together.